Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Declan Day

Megs and Conrad
checking things out from the top!

Gill and Daryl

Could this be the last pic of the three muskeeters as only 3...khloe will be in the next pic when all the kids are together again!!!
Gorgeous Deqlan saying the alphabet for me!
popcorn mmmmmm

Angel Declan continues to inspire so many!

We attended the annual Declan Day which is held each year by All Hands on Dec Friends, in honor of baby Angel Declan Du Toit! We have just heard that they raised over R20 000 which all goes towards kids fighting cancer, helping them and their families wherever possible.

it was a lovely afternoon, and it was wonderful to meet so many people, like Lydia , Warrior Reef's mommy and Meg who follows our blog! It was awesome to catch up with the AHODF crew , even if it was only a few seconds ! Deqlan was so very very busy he kept running around the entire venue in circles, again and again, so every time i ran passed some one i quickly gave a hug and hello and a super quick catch up! Deqlan also took fancy to a lady on her baby sitting on a blanket, who we decided to give a nice hello whack to, every time he ran passed them ! So sorry to this family, its just Deqlans way of saying hi! You must have been very appealing to him!

Well done to you Gill, Daryl, Claire, Kim and Alicia and the rest of the team for another fantastic event and to Declan who is smiling down on all those who continue to keep giving and helping these families who need it the most!

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  1. Good Morning (in Texas),

    I start every day with a trip to visit Deqlan and your whole family. Thank you for keeping such and up-to-date and complete blog!

    Could you email me offline (vbuenger@mays.tamu.edu)? My husband, son, and I will be in South Africa (Johanneseburg) for two weeks in June for World Cup. We are planning our non-soccer activities. I would like your opinion about some of the options we are considering. There are so many wonderful things to do and see, but we know we can't do them all. We can hardly wait for our visit.

    Vickie Buenger